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750+ Visitors
20+ Presentations
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Videos & slides

keynote Spotify by Anders Ivarsson & Kristian Lindwall


Microservices, a roadmap to success Marco Lormans

Microservices in Practice @ Wehkamp Jan Toebes & Paul Nieuwenhuis

Building Hyper-Scale Platform-as-a-Service Microservices with Microsoft Azure Patriek van Dorp & Alex Thissen

Continuous Delivery

Acceptance Testing for Continuous Delivery Dave Farley

Deploying twice a day at Kadaster Raymond Kroon

So you think your release is too complex for CD Adriaan de Jonge

Big Data Analysis

Go Data Driven NOW! Friso van Vollenhoven

Magic, art or science? Deep Learning unraveled Ivo Everts

How to stop drowning in monitoring data Lodewijk Bogaards & Mark Bakker

Software Development

How to design your application for incremental release Dave Smith

Building native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows while staying DRY Marcel de Vries & Roy Cornelissen

Beyond Single Page Applications with Isomorphism Gert Hengeveld

Datacenter Automation

Continuous Delivery of Docker Images Richard Woudenberg & Armin Čoralić

Automating Docker Deployments with Marathon Michael Hausenblas

Building the World's Largest Websites with Consul and Terraform Mitchell Hashimoto


The 24 man DevOps team Serge Beaumont

How to make an enterprise work like a startup, the Lean Enterprise Michiel Sens

More with LeSS: An introduction to Large-Scale ScrumBas Vodde

Test Automation

The tester is dead, long live testing! Jordann Gross & Edze Knol

Automating visual interface testing Sannie Kwakman

Organising massive test automation @ bol.com Viktor Clerc & Jeroen Ruijgers


Demystifying the Internet of Things Sameh Ben Fredj

Internet of Things Showcase Karan Nangru & Ankit Verma

See the time on your wrist! Lammert Westerhoff & Jeroen Leenarts


Mindf*ck by Victor Mids

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